JPFF – June 14, 2014

Thank you in advance to all participants at the JPFF Meeting. Here are some links related to my talk.

Apps and Software
Live Ink (formerly ClipRead)


Explain Everything


Video Lectures/Resources
CUBE English I – Course Outline

CUBE English 1 – Reading Strategies

Experience Economy – Introduction

Peak Experiences – Mini Lecture

Japan: Fascinating Diversity (MOFA)

Japan’s Tipping Point (Mark Pendergrast)

What is CEFR? – What is the CEFR?

Students Work
Beer Industry Project

Friends of CUBE Youtube Channel

Japan Studies

学習経験をつくる大学授業法 (高等教育シリーズ) – L. Dee Fink
経験経済 – J. Pine & J. Gilmore