I began my teaching career in Hawaii over thirty-five years ago and my first classrooms were the beaches and coastline off the island of Maui where I taught windsurfing, surfing, and sailing. More recently, my teaching has been mostly indoors, in the Economics Department of Kobe Gakuin University (2005-2009) and in the Hirao School of Management (CUBE) at Konan University (2009-present). Some of the core content-focused English courses that I have taught at CUBE are Global Challenges, American Studies, European Studies, Japan Studies, Business Communication, Speech and Discussion, and Discussion and Debate. I have also taught Academic Foundations I and II, which are part of our new CUBE Accelerated Language and Academics (CALA) program. Finally, the curriculum at CUBE has a strong emphasis on Project-Based Learning (PBL) and fieldwork. Course outlines for some of my projects and fieldwork can be found HERE.