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. . . building up a library which has no other limits than the world itself. - ERASMUS, Adages (1508)


Research Interests

This page is intended as an overview of my current research interests and a collection of online bibliographies maintained in these fields. I will be adding more links over the next few months.

Second Language (L2) Learning Motivation

I became interested in this field in around 1998 after years of wondering why some language learners excel and others fail. I became more interested in this field after taking a Sociolinguistics course with Gabrielle Kasper through Temple University, Japan. The work of Robert Gardner, Zoltan Dornyei and Richard Schmidt (to name just a few) have influenced my own work and I continue to investigate L2 learning motivation and other affective variables in language learning and acquisition.

Extensive Reading
I first read about extensive reading in the May, 1997 issue of The Language Teacher and Day and Bamford (1998). The annotated bibliography maintained at the Extensive Reading website can be viewed by chronological order or alphabetical order by author. The Extensive Reading Foundation is another great spot to find out more.

Learner Autonomy

My interest in learner autonomy is closely related to L2 learning motivation research. This bibliography includes many of the important publications in the field.

Other Bibliographies

SLA, ESL, Bilingual Education - Maintained by the Foreign Language Teaching Forum

CALL Bibliography - Maintained by Marcus Vaska

SLABIB - Maintained by Vivian Cook with more than 6,300 entries.