These are the courses, lectures or workshops that I teach outside of CUBE.  The list to the right includes general overviews, with links to slide shows and handouts.

  • Education in Japan (JICA)

    This is an interactive lecture that I present for JICA trainees as part of the General Orientation they receive before heading off for more specialized training in their respective fields. My lecture includes an historical overview, structure and advancement rates, keys to success and some recent or ongoing challenges.

  • Literacy Workshop (MBIS)

    This workshop was designed for K-12 teachers. Participants explore various instructional strategies and rate them in terms of how useful they are for literacy instruction in their own context. We then discuss each of the Important  Principles of Reading Instruction introduced by McCormick, 1999.

  • Appreciating the News (NHK)

    In this workshop we explore various ways English language learners can improve both receptive and productive target-language skills. Discussion centers around finding and using on-line resources as well as strategies for improving specific reading and listening sub-skills such as scanning, skimming, listening for gist, and predicting. Some time is also devoted to discussing ways to improve writing and speaking.

  • DIY Language Learning (NHK)

    This two-part workshop introduces participants to the wide variety of online materials available for language learners (especially those learning English). Specific advise is provided for boosting and maintaining motivation as well as increasing chances for successful acquisition.

  • Business English

    These courses are designed for working professionals with specific target-language needs. One recent example is a monthly course I have developed for workers in the banking industry. Lessons are designed to help them gain the confidence and skills necessary to handle English-speaking customers.

  • Change Management

    These lectures and workshops include an overview of the growing field of change management, with special reference to the work of John P. Kotter as well as Chip and Dan Heath. Emphasis is placed on applying principles from these and other works to specific change management issues facing participants.

  • Flow Theory

    These lectures and workshops highlight the work of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on Flow Theory and challenges participants to think of applications in education and child rearing. Participants gain a broad theoretical understanding as well as practical ways these ideas can be put to use.

  • Experience Economy

    This lecture introduces the work of B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore. Using examples from the book of the same title, participants are walked through the main concepts and asked to reflect on their own experiences. Finally, we consider how these ideas can be expanded on or linked to other fields such as education and public speaking.

  • Productive Thinking

    This lecture and workshop highlight the work of Tim Hurson on Productive Thinking. His framework for helping us think better, think more effectively, and think more powerfully is introduced, and participants get hands-on experience in using key concepts such as reproductive vs. productive thinking, staying in the question, and separating creative and critical thinking.