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Interests - The short list

Here is a short list of my personal interests with a growing list of websites that I like.

Surfing - I finally traded in the two mini tankers I brought over from Hawaii back in 1990. I now have a 9'02" cruiser that doesn't get in the water nearly enough. My favorite places in Japan are in southern Tokushima prefecture, around Muroto Peninsula.

Camping - We try to get out of the city as much as possible. Camping is usually linked to a surf trip, but not always. Looking for places off the beaten path.

Homebrewing - My new passion. My brew day last year was Thursdays but this will likely change to Fridays once school starts. I have been brewing about 10 to 15 batches per season (April to June and October to December). My last two brews were all grain (an amber ale last December and a honey porter lthis March)

Reading - A long-time passion. Have enjoyed the freedom from graduate studies and the time to again read for pleasure. Suspense stories and historical novels are my favorite genres but I like to read almost anything. Some of my recent reads are listed on my Shelfari page.

Web Design - I began designing my own websites about five years ago. Recently, I have been using templates in Dreamweaver because I don't have much time. Eventually though, I would like to get back into it.

Traveling - When time and money permit, I like to pack a bag, grab a Lonely Planet guidebook and hit the road. I have traveled around most of North America but have not yet made my way to Europe. In Asia, I have been to South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Guitar - This is a new one. I have a second hand Morris guitar that mostly sits in the corner collecting dust. I need someone or something to get me motivated to pick it up more often.





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